Book of the Month Review

January 31, 2021

February's Choices: 

There are many different book subscriptions out there and Book of the Month may be the most well known and for good reason. Book of the month offers five books to choose from each month. For fifteen dollars a month you get to choose one hardback book. You can also choose to add on as many as three books for an additional ten dollars. They also have BFF rewards once you hit twelve boxes (or a year's time). 

I recently subscribed to Book of the Month after hearing about it from one of my friends. She loves it and has gathered quite a variety of books from it. So on that glowing review, I ordered my first box in December. The first book came in just before Christmas very bent due to shipping. As soon as I saw this and I emailed them about the shipping problems. They then proceeded to send me a new book on the spot. I just have to say that their customer service was quick as well as very easy to find!

For my January box, I then ordered one of the Book of the Month choices as well as an add on. Both of these books were excellent as well as the one I ordered in December. I also love the fact that Book of the Month can help broaden your reading genres as well. I have also ordered my book for February and I chose something from a genre I don't usually read. I am excited to read that book and the other that I get through this subscription. 

I highly recommend Book of the Month to anyone who is looking for a book subscription. It still gives to the surprise each month because you are excited to find out what books you get to choose from. It also allows you to choose a book that you will read and not just put on your bookshelf. So on that note, my book-loving friends, subscribe to this lovely book subscription!

Here are the books that I have received so far...

December's book: 

January's Book: 

January's add on: 

If any of you are interested in subscribing to book of the month, here is my referral link...

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