Book Review: Flawed by Becky Bird

February 17, 2020

I admit that I am a sucker for a Pride and Prejudice adaptation. I have read so many of the books that have changed the story to fit the characters into so many different walks of life. Unlike the previous adaptations that I have read, I hadn't heard of this one until recently. But like every other version of  Pride and Prejudice that I have read before, I enjoyed this one. 

The story is focused on Mia, a new scholarship student at a prestigious private school. She soon meets Finn, a very attractive and wealthy student, who in her eyes is the most arrogant person she's ever met. But when Finn's best friend Charlie ends up falling for Mia's sister Jade, they are forced to spend time together. And during this time, they end up learning more about each other and even making some harsh judgments of each other.  

Though this book isn't the most well written or even the best adaptation that I have read, I still had so much fun reading it. The fact that you get to read both Finn and Mia's views in this book is what makes it different. You are able to see how Finn (or Darcy) is feeling in the moments that he is seen as judgemental and even just awkward. The author portrays Finn, as a character who struggles with social anxiety. Though this is hinted at in Pride and Prejudice, it is interesting to see Finn actually experiences these feelings as the events take place. 

Mia's character is the same supportive sister that you see in Elizabeth Bennett. But, you will also see her make some of the same mistakes that Elizabeth makes. Mia's relationship with her sister Jade shows that she is more than just the harsh exterior she portrays in some areas. It is also fun to see her supporting her sister Jane in her fashion designing endeavors throughout the story. 

Overall, I think one of my favorite things about this book is that it also includes some of the famous lines with slight variations to them. Even though this book is predictable, it is exciting to see how some of your favorite scenes will be portrayed. So if you want a light and fluffy read, with a Pride and Prejudice feel I would highly recommend this book to you. 

I give this book a... 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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