Review: The Noble Servant

November 06, 2017

Melanie Dickerson is one of my favorite Christian authors and every single one of her books has been a blast to read. They are always light reads that give you a break from the hectic world around you. But even though these books are basically romances, they give you action and adventure as well, with just enough romance to round them off. 

The Noble Servant is a retelling of The Goose Girl with a bit of the Prince and the Pauper, and Melanie has definitely put her own spin to the story. 

Synopsis from Goodreads: 

The impossible was happening. She, Magdalen of Mallin, was to marry the Duke of Wolfberg. Magdalen had dreamed about receiving a proposal ever since she met the duke two years ago. Such a marriage was the only way she could save her people from starvation. But why would a handsome, wealthy duke want to marry her, a poor baron’s daughter? It seemed too good to be true.

On the journey to Wolfberg Castle, Magdalen’s servant forces her to trade places and become her servant, threatening not only Magdalen’s life, but the lives of those she holds dear. Stripped of her identity and title in Wolfberg, where no one knows her, Magdalen is sentenced to tend geese while she watches her former handmaiden gain all Magdalen had ever dreamed of.

When a handsome shepherd befriends her, Magdalen begins to suspect he carries secrets of his own. Together, Magdalen and the shepherd uncover a sinister plot against Wolfberg and the duke. But with no resources, will they be able to find the answers, the hiding places, and the forces they need in time to save both Mallin and Wolfberg?


I loved Magdalen as a main character, she was strong and yet she was humble and kind. She was the kind of character that you wanted to be best friends with because she would listen to everything you say and care about it. Plus, she was a strong woman who knew what she wanted and was determined to do it herself. She also made a pretty awesome goose girl. 

Also, Magdalen and Steffan paired were quite a couple, the banter between the two of them was fun to read at times. Throughout the book, their budding relationship made you keep wanting to read and not stop. I admit they did make me frustrated at times when they didn't tell certain things to each other, but I guess that's what keeps the suspense in it. 

Not only was it great to see Magdalen and Steffan fall for each other but, I think my favorite part of this book was seeing them help each other with their fears and the challenges they faced. Together they were a strong team that knew what the other needed and what they could do to help. 

Even though Steffan and Magdalen were the main focus of the story it did high light somethings that were similar to the goose girl tale. This book didn't stick to the original story as much as Shannon Hale's retelling of it, but I think that that was what made this book different. I liked that it had things that you weren't already expecting in the story to happen. Melanie Dickerson does a fabulous job putting her own spin on fairy tales and they are always a blast to read. 

I give it... 

For those of you that have read The Goose Girl, this story is very similar to it, but of course, you have to take into account they are both based on the same fairytale. 

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