Review: When It's Real

August 25, 2017

Oakley Ford is the heart throb of the music world and his fans are waiting for him to release his next album, but everything that Oakley has been producing has been garbage. So to keep his fans watching they hire a "girlfriend" for Oakley to recover his image. The only problem is that Oakley and Vaughn, his new "girlfriend" don't get along. In the real world, the two of them wouldn't be seen together, let alone meet, but all the outings and time spent together in a fake relationship proves to them they can be more than just enemies. 

Contemporary is a genre that always draws me to it because no matter what happens they almost always have a happy ending. I don't know about you, but I know when I'm reading a book or a series I want it to have a happy ending or at least a good ending. Now, I admit that some books can't end with a happy ending and for the most part the ones with the tragic ending will impact you the most. But, I will always be drawn to a happy ending, and this book doesn't fail in that area. 

If you are looking for a romance that follows some of the normals steps of the genre:
  • The guy and girl meet, are attracted to each other and then realize that they hate each other.
  • They start hanging out because some coincidence puts them together and realize that they are actually real people with real emotions
  • Then they decided that they won't tell each other that they have feelings for each other and kind of pretend that they still hate the other. 
  • Some coincidence pushes them together and they confess their feelings and everything is happy for a time. 
  • Then the part that never fails to happen in every romance book, the part when the couple basically breaks up and you think their relationship is over.
  • In the end, either the guy or the girl ends up doing some big thing to prove they were meant to be together and then they happily get back together. 

This book basically follows that normal outline and in some ways that can get dull in some books, but I couldn't stop reading When it's Real. I literally read it in two sittings something that hasn't happened with a book for me in a while. Oakley and Vaughn were just so great together and their chemistry came off the pages. 

Oakley was a character that I wasn't sure what I thought of at first, but as I continued to read the book he grew on me. In some ways, I think he grew into a character I liked by the end of the book. Vaughn was also another amazing character who proved she was stronger than she thought she was by the end of the book.

By the end, you will be like this for Oakley and Vaughn...

This book at times can be cheesy, but I think that's what makes it great because some days you just need a light hearted read. 

Altogether, the main problem that I had with this book is that it took an idea that has already been used before. But, Erin Watt did do an amazing job making the story all her own though and the characters and their chemistry speak for her. 

I give it... 

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