Review: Shadow of the Mark (Audiobook)

August 24, 2017

I decided to continue on with this series after I listened to the first one, even though it wasn't my favorite. I thought this series had room to grow and compared to the first book in the series it did. Now, I wouldn't say this book is my favorite, but I would say it does have a good story behind it. Megan and Adam's relationship don't seem to be the sole focus in this book, which was a big relief because that was the biggest draw back for me in the first book.

The book focuses on Megan's Element's growth as well as her relationship with Adam. I was disappointed to see a disconnect between Megan and her classmates in this book, but the author did try to bring in Caitlyn more during the last few chapters when Megan was having a harder time. 

Also, during the book, you'll see a few storms, created by a character that you may not expect...

Overall, this book took a turn that I didn't think it would take. It turned out that it wasn't as predictable as the first, and in many ways, it didn't seem like I was reading twilight only with humans that possessed elements. 

I give it... 

Also, as you can see the cover for the second book hasn't changed much. Just a little editing because who did they think was going to notice...

*Beware the third book in this series hasn't arrived in four years so I would not be expecting to see it anytime soon. So if you don't want a cliff hanger, I suggest that you don't start this series. 

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