Review: The Start of Me and You

June 21, 2017

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This book was a refreshing read after THE FINGER COLLECTOR, which was a pain to read, one of which I never fully completed.

The story focuses on Paige Hancock during her period of grief and rediscovery of herself after she lost her boyfriend two years earlier. In a small town where everyone knows everyone, she seems to think that the only thing that defines her is the loss of her boyfriend in a drowning accident. So to prove to herself and her town she creates a list to show she is more than the former girlfriend of Aaron Rosenthal.

This listed consisted of the following this to do...
1. Parties/social events
2. New Group
3. Date (RC)
4. Travel 
5. Swim 

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During her quest to complete her list, Paige believes that Ryan is the boy for her to help get over her loss. He sweet and kind and everything she thought she hoped for in a boyfriend, but there was something that just didn’t click between them. But, the nerdy boy that she never thought of that way, could just be something more...

Paige’s character surprised me throughout the book. I’ve tried at least three times to start this book and only managed to get through the first chapter, but there was something different about this time around. This time around I was surprised to find that I actually LOVED this book. Paige was a character that's relatable. She wasn’t one of those perfect girls you often find within a YA book. She was real, she had problems and ways to deal with them. Paige’s character was full of emotion and you could feel how she was affected by the loss of her boyfriend and the PTSD that she faced from it. Even though at some points Paige seemed to get on my nerves, the depth to her character made up for it.

Not only was Paige an amazing main character, but her friend group may have been the strongest minor characters that I have read in awhile. Each of them had their own problems, but they all came together to support each other in their times of need. Emery Lord doesn’t put all of the problems on one character, instead, she spreads them out amongst the group and allowing the friends to be major influences on helping them get past their trials.

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Okay, so this might have been the cutest love story that I have read in a YA in a while. Paige’s quest to date Ryan is what really seemed to bug me about this book. You could tell they just didn’t click. But when Max stepped into the picture, that’s when this book turned towards the better. Max and Paige are sweet together, their cheerful banter is hilarious and enjoyable and makes you want to keep reading. Emery Lord did an amazing job displaying the emotions between Paige and Max and they helped each other cope with the problems in their lives. Because of this delightfully cute romance, and the amazing friend group portrayed within The Start of You and Me...

I give it a...
Image result for 4.5/5 stars

Here's a copy of the book on Amazon...

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