Review: Truly, Madly, Famously

May 01, 2017

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I don't even know why I started reading this book, I already wasn't a fan of Famous in Love. But I figured I might as well finish the series, and I wasn't pleasantly surprised by this book. If anything I liked it less than Famous in Love. Paige just kept getting on my nerves with "which boy do I choose?"

This man basically shows how I think of Paige and her ridiculous decision making. 

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I'm not saying that the author is a bad writer or that the story is necessarily bad. It just wasn't for me and the story didn't seem to possess any real content. It seemed that the entire book was about whether Paige would choose Jordan or Rainier and throughout the whole thing she both treated them poorly. Yet they still seemed to both be in love with her.

Also, Paige seems to become the tabloid queen in this book. She seems to lose the character that she was in Famous in Love. It's like all she's a girl that is causing herself too much trouble for herself when she could easily solve it. That is why... 

I give it a...
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