The Book to Movie Adaptation That I Can't Wait For

April 07, 2017


This book to movie adaptation is planned to hit theaters on May 19th, and I can't wait.

Basically, the story is about Madeline, a girl who is vulnerable to sickness every time she goes outside so she is stuck living her life indoors. Her life is basically the same boring thing, but when a new family moves in next door, she finally has something different in her life. This family has two kids, a boy around her age and a younger girl. The boy, Olly, and Madeline and they begin building a relationship through messaging each other and through this all Madeline begins to discover more about herself. 

Madeline is played by Amandla Stenberg, and I think she is a perfect fit for this role. Amandla is also known for her role in The Hunger Games as Rue. 

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Olly, the boy next door, is played by Nick Robinson. He is known for his parts in Jurassic World, and The Fifth Wave, another ya book to movie adaptation. 

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Also, I just think these two look adorable together. I can only hope that the movie creators have done this book justice. 

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Here's the book on Amazon... 

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