My Favorite Book as a Fourth Grader

April 13, 2017


Everyone seems to have that favorite book when they are little that they read at least half a dozen times or at least the book lovers of us. For me, that book was Matilda by Roald Dahl. I loved this book to pieces when I was younger, and I just couldn't get enough of it. I would read it and then go to another book just to come back and read it again. 

Matilda was also a child genius that loved books, and what could be better to read about than that. 

 book books reading matilda reading gif GIF

She had a shocking life, both at home and at school and to my fourth-grade self, Matilda was the picture of bravery for just getting through the day. Not only that but she stood up to Ms. Trunchbull, even when she faced the horrifying school punishments. 

If Matilda wasn't cool enough already, she also had powers to move things with her eyes. I think this one of the things that truly drew me in when I was younger because I wished I could do the same. Just imagine all the things you could do without anyone knowing if you could control things like Matilda. 

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There is also an amazingly awesome movie that you can watch and laugh along with Matilda as she encounters her many adventures at school and at home. This movie was probably one of my favorites, right alongside the book when I was younger, and like the book, I probably watched it a dozen times. 

If you haven't read Matilda yet, I highly suggest embarking on the journey of learning about the child genius who read and was able to control objects with her mind. 

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