Goodreads Giveaways

April 14, 2017

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Many of us know about goodreads and how they do book giveaways you can enter. For about a year I have been sporadically entering them, just to see if I could win. Overall, out of  the hundreds of books I entered, I didn't really win, and this brought on more disappointment. 

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My excitement started to fade for them for awhile, but I decided to enter as many as I could about a week ago, and I won. I'm not saying the book I won was anything great at all, but I won. After that I decide to enter more, and I won two more books. I'll keep you guys updated on when these books come in. 

Tips for entering: 
  • Use goodreads often. Participate in reviewing, quizzes, and recommendations.
  • Enter as many as you can.
  • Don't enter for books you would never read.
  • Have fun with it!
Good Luck!!!

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