Review: The Jewel By Amy Ewing

May 09, 2015

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Warning: Cliffhanger

Book Description:
Violet Lasting is a surrogate to one of the founding families of The Lone City. She has everything she could want or need, but there's only one problem, she doesn't want to the Duchess of the Lake's baby. The thing she has trained all her life to do now seems undesirable. Now she is unable to speak to the one friend she had and her maid is the only company she enjoys. When Ash, a companion for the duchess's niece, enters the picture, feelings come up between him and Violet. Their relationship is forbidden though, and has to be hidden with the constant threat of death if they are found out. So when the chance comes for escape comes, she grasps at it. She puts everything into trying to escape, even if it means it could be the death of her.

My Thoughts:
This book was fast paced and thrilling. Violet's situation captured me, pulling me in. The characters were all well thought out and fun to get to know.

The surrogates were treated pretty terribly through out the book. It was pretty much slavery, even if the royalty didn't call it that. The surrogates were looked at as toys almost, until they were producing the woman's baby. The royalty would drag them around on leashes and treat them badly to get what they wanted out of them. The idea that royal women could no longer have babies and have to use surrogates seems far fetched. Even though this situation is very unlikely, The Jewel is still a very enjoyable book.

The romance between Violet and Ash happened to fast in my opinion. First they meet and then it's like they can't stop thinking about each other, after the one conversation they had. This is the only thing that truly troubles me about The Jewel. They just seemed to form a relationship too quickly. I never really thought Violets feelings were too real either. Yet she risks being able to leave the life she hates, to spend time with Ash.

The last thing that really bugged me was the cliffhanger, but it doesn't have anything to do about the book as a whole. The next book isn't coming out until October and I can't wait. So if you don't like cliffhangers, I don't suggest you read this book till the next one comes out. At least then you will be able to continue with the story and not have to wait months till the next book comes out.

If you are looking for a good Dystopian novel to read than I suggest you read The Jewel. Its fun and fast paced. The struggles that Violet has to face are seem real and make this book exciting. Altogether, making The Jewel different, but a wonderful read at the same time.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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