Review: Legend By Marie Lu

April 26, 2015

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Legend by Marie Lu was an amazing book to read. It brings a whole new feel to dystopian novels, making it a very refreshing read. The plot was very strong and the characters were brilliantly thought out. Altogether  this book was a page turner through and through. 

Book Description: 
Day and June are both fighting for what they believe in, both on two very different sides. Day is wanted by a wanted by the Republic and June is working for the Republic. 

June is training to be a solider in the top university in the Republic of America until her brother's death. She believes Day killed him during his break in at the hospital. Because of this she goes undercover and forms an unlikely relationship with a boy on the streets. During this she starts to question what she really believes in.

Day cares for his family, but a new strand of the plague has affected them. He will do anything to save them even if that means risking everything to find the cure. Trying to steal medicine from the hospital may have been one of the riskiest things he had done. Because of his incident at the hospital the Republic's search for him be comes even more urgent. Plus, the recent addition of The Girl to his group is risky. He will still try anything or do anything to save his family, even if that mean he has to continue risking his life. 

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