Review: Ink By Amanda Sun

April 30, 2015

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Book Description:
Having to move to a different country in the midst of grief can be hard, Katie Greene does just this though. When her mother dies and her grandfather is unable to take care of her, moving in with her aunt is her last option. There is only one problem though, her aunt lives in Japan, in Shizuoka to be exact. 
School is just one of the struggles Katie has to face, but having to learn a different language and culture also create a huge challenge. But when she stumbles into a bad brake up between the school's kendo star Tomohiro, and Myu one of Katie classmates. Things turn for the weirder when Katie sees one of Tomohiro's drawings move.
When Katie notices more of Tomo's drawings moving and ink dripping in places, she becomes even more suspicious. Her relationship grows with Tomo, and she finds out that Tomohiro is a Kami. Someone descended from the rulers of Japan. He can control the ink, but when she finds out she is somehow connected to the ink as well. Danger comes with these powers though, and Tomo and Katie will do anything to try to escape the danger that surrounds them.

What I Liked About The Book:
I liked Tomohiro and Katie's relationship, it seemed very real, and they always had witty remarks to say to one another. As the book progressed you could see their relationship grow and progress into something more than friendship. Also, the relationship between Katie and her aunt was another thing I liked about Ink. As Katie adjusted to her new environment, her relationship with her aunt grew as well. By the end of the book their relationship is something special.

What I Didn't Like:  
The author did a lot of research about the Japanese culture and the language. Almost every page had a Japanese word or two in it. This made it a little confusing, unless you somehow knew what these words meant. I also didn't like how she made Katie into a stalker at the beginning of the book. She was constantly following Tomohiro around trying to find out why his drawings move. I think Amanda Sun could have figured out a different way to portray Katie's interest in Tomohiro. Overall, this book was enjoyable, but I don't think that I would read it again. 

Rating: 3/5 Stars 

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