Review: Anomaly By Krista McGee

April 26, 2015

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Book Summary:
Thalli lives in a "perfect" world, one that has little emotion and people are no longer made in the primitive way. Any type of disease is considered deadly and must be reported. Everything seems good in Thalli's world, but there is one problem, Thalli is an anomaly. She has the emotions that everyone else sees as bad. 

Thalli is part of a pod, one of the few generations that the Ten (the scientists) have created. Every person in the pod has a job, and Thalli's job is to be the pod's musician. All she has to do is to play the music for her pod members. This is to provide them with entertainment, but to Thalli the music means more. It allows her to feel the emotions she has to suppress; ones that will later make her stand out as an anomaly. 

Thalli's emotions are soon discovered because of the her feelings as she plays music. She is schedule for annihilation and because of this she meets John. John is old, older than any of the scientists that created the state. John tells her stories of love and of the Designer. These tales bring Thalli to question if the world they are really living in is perfect, even if it doesn't have disease and disorder.

Her annihilation is delayed because of her old friend Berk, one of the scientists in training. Berk sparks new feelings in Thalli and leads her to even more questions. Their relationship grows and brings even more risks to Thalli's life. The scientists start to test her to see if there is a way to eradicate her emotions. As the testing continues Thalli becomes even more confused about the life that she is living and the emotions she feels. 

The scientists fail to remove the Thall's emotions and schedule her for annihilation. Before Thalli dies, Berk rescues her. Together, along with John and one of Thalli's friends they escape into the world above. As a team they are risking everything to escape the world they once thought was perfect.

What I Thought of the Book:
 Anomaly hooked me from the first page. Thalli is a strong character, that makes Anamoly an enjoyable book to read. She is a character that experiences both happiness and hardship at the same time. Krista McGee's writing makes Anomaly seem real and alive. Altogether, Krista McGee's books always impress me and Anomaly did not disappoint. 

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars 

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