Sprouting Mimosa Pudica Seeds

February 21, 2021

Image: Canva

 Hey Everyone! This post is a little different than my usual ones, but I am currently trying to grow Mimosa Pudica seeds aka the sensitive plant. If any of you have seen or heard of this plant, it's the one that has leaves that close when you touch it. I am currently trying three methods of sprouting the seeds to see what works best. I will be giving you guys an update on when I successfully grow some of these adorable little plants. 

Method #1: 
For method number one, I just did the classic planting the seeds in some soil. As you can see I am using a take-out container for the seeds because you've got to be kind to the planet!

Method #2: 
Method number 2 is another classic way to sprout seeds. I put the seeds in a wet napkin inside of a plastic bag. 

Method #3: 
Method number three was the most complicated of the three options. I first soaked the seeds in warm water for about 20 minutes. I then strained them and put them in a container with a damp paper towel. As you can see by the picture, the seeds are not covered by the towel. 

I'll let you guys know when I start to see some progress with these guys. I am excited to see what method works the best for growing these plants because they are so much fun. They always remind me of visiting my family in Hawaii and when we would find these sensitive plants growing in the grass. 

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