The Books I read in August...

September 03, 2017

So I read a whole four books in August, which wasn't as many as I wanted to read. But I can say that the books that I did read were good. I was pleased to realize that the two arcs that I read were good, unlike the ones that I received earlier this summer from Goodreads Giveaways. And the other two books that I read were ones that I have been meaning to read for awhile. 

It was fun to read Anne of Green Gables again at the beginning of the month and one of the main reasons that I didn't read as many books. It took me awhile to finish Anne of Green Gables, but I still loved reading it again. 

When It's Real was maybe the most fun out of all the books to read and the lightest of all the books. I would definitely suggest it to anyone that wants a fun light romance, perfect for summer. 

If you are looking for a girl in quest of being an astronaut, then this is the book for you. I highly suggest it as a read for someone who is looking for a book that doesn't involve romance and is looking for a story involving a fierce competition. 

I have yet to post my review about Now is Everything on the blog so I won't say much yet. I can say that this book was the most impactful things I have read this year. 

I also listened to two audiobooks...


I don't have much to say about these audiobooks other than the fact that the author has yet to finish the series...

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