Review: Dare Mighty Things

August 29, 2017

*I received a copy from Edelweiss for an honest review

All Cassandra Gupta has ever dreamt of doing was going to space, her whole life was centered around her dream. She put her life on the back burner so she could do what she wanted to do. She worked hard to get an internship at NASA and achieve her dreams. But while working at NASA she is given an invitation to a competition where young adults would compete for a spot on a mission to space and somewhere unknown. She excepts thinking she has the edge over all her other competitors because of the work she put into her dreams, but little does she know that the competition will change her. 

Despite the cover on this book, this book was amazing, though I did have some questions at the very end. The main character Cassandra Gupta is an Indian-American girl born in 2024 with gene modifications. Her parents are scientists so she was bound to be smart, but because of the genes her parents chose for her she rose above the rest of classmates. 

Cassie's character is one that develops through out the book, you see her with no friends and a better than thou attitude at the beginning of the book, but by the end, she is a completely different attitude. But it some ways the author lets Cassie be the same person she was at the start of the book, the hard working determined girl who always wanted to go to space, but also changes her into a more approachable character. 

Also, the other competitors in the book obviously don't stay around considering it's a competition to go to space. But you can't help but grow attachments to them, and every time your like "I really like this character, I don't want them to leave," they end up leaving and you just want to cry. 

And of course there is drama between the characters because that's what happens when people are competing against each other, but the author provides just enough drama that you don't get annoyed with the characters. 

This futuristic competition for NASA when they are still lacking money draws you in and makes you not want to stop reading it. Cassie's a character that you grow along side in the many tests and lessons she is put in alongside her peers so she can go to space, just be prepared for a few surprises because...

The ending of the book was a little strange and had me like... 

But other than that I would highly suggest this book who wants a science fiction competition and a character that brings new diversity to the ya genre. 

I give it...

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