Review: Carrier of the Mark (Audiobook)

August 09, 2017

I keep telling myself not to be swayed by a pretty cover, but that is exactly what happened with this book. I wanted to listen to an audiobook so I literally checked this one out from overdrive and started listening to it without even reading the description. Don't get me wrong, after I did read the description, this book would have interested me, but I was still drawn in by the beautiful cover in the process. 

The book is basically about a Megan, a girl that constantly moves around with her dad after the tragic death of her mother. But after they move to a small town in Ireland, something about the town is different and she begins to connect with the people around her. From the first day she entered school, she begins to feel a strange connection with a boy there. She's never dated anyone before, but there is something that draws her to Adam, something that she can't explain. 

Megan later finds out that she has wind powers and they are what draws her to Adam. He too possesses an element, but a water one. With their elemental attraction, they also begin to have real feelings for one another, but these feelings and their powers bring many challenges. 

There were a lot of things that really disappointed me about this book and I know I should really be more wary of how I choose my books. Maybe I shouldn't base how I think I'll like them by their covers... There is the saying "DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER" after all. 

Megan and Adam were one of the main things that I didn't like about this book. They have this instant attraction to each other and then almost two weeks into knowing each other they start to date. From there, their relationship begins to grow rapidly, like on their first date Adam takes Megan to his house to hang out. Their instant love was really made me disconnect from the book. I believe the book instead could have focused on Megan and the good she could do with the wind power she possessed. Instead, the book seemed to be all about the troubles the elements brought to Megan and Adam's relationship and what they were going to do to solve it. 

There were things that I did like about the book in general though. At first, Megan formed friendships with the girls at her school. It was fun to see the interactions between Megan and her friends and the normal troubles they faced. But by the end of the book, these friendships were put on the back burner so the book could focus on Megan and Adam. 

Also, the sibling rivalry that was written into this book was a fun addition. Adam has two other siblings, that have earth and fire powers and often times they would use these powers against each other in maybe the funniest sibling fights that I have seen in ya books recently. 

Basically, when Adam was using his power they were like this guy...

Overall, if you are looking for an audiobook that doesn't take your whole brain to listen to I would suggest it. Also, if you are looking for an instant attraction/relationship with powers mixed in, then this is the book for you. Plus, the narration of this book was done well unlike some books that I have listened to before. 

I give it...

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