Review: Keeping the Beat

July 03, 2017

I received a copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways.

This book focuses on a group of teen girls that come together to form a band to compete in a reality show. If they win this show they would be able to go on an international world tour. But first, they have to go to LA to compete in the semifinals for the reality show. Their rock band ends up being a big success and as these girls encounter the fame of reality t.v. they face many obstacles. The secrets they keep and the troubles they encounter allow this book to show the reality of fame.

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Lucy Gosling, the drummer of the band is the main focus of this book, but it is told in alternating points of view. While I was reading this book, it was hard to keep track of what character was talking because you weren't given a heads-up of who was talking. Though the different points of view were confusing at times, the different views of the other characters were refreshing and insightful.

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Altogether, this book didn't seem to really flow. The alternating points of view made it hard to keep track of which band member was which and what problems they were currently. Not only that but at certain points, Lucy seemed to be too naive to be where she was.

Even though the different points of view were thoroughly confusing, I thought it was interesting to see the pressure that was placed upon the characters as they faced fame and I can definitely say that the twists in this book made it an interesting read.

I give it a...
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