Three Random Things I've Learned From YA

April 18, 2017

  Love Triangles are a necessity. 

I don't know how many ya books I can name with love triangles within them, but there seems to be one in almost every ya series. 

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Many societies are trying to become a utopia or recover from a huge disaster. 

The main character always has to overcome some new obstacle that these new societies put in place. Most of the time they seem to be ridiculous regulations and standards we can't even imagine now. 

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Everyone has too many relationship struggles.

It seems like every single relationship within ya is "complicated," and they never know if they really like each other or if it's going to work out. I think these characters need to just get over it because every relationship is going to be "Complicated." Or if it's not complicated already someone tries to stop the relationship from happening, specifically friends and parents. 

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