Six of the Silliest Book Covers I Found Today

April 15, 2017

Holly And The Hospital Visit: The Easiest Way To Teach Compassion To Your Child by [Smith, Betty]

I don't even know what to say about this one except for that I feel bad for Holly. 

No Christmas Present for Tommy: Join Tommy As He Learn His Life Lesson About Respect by [Smith, Betty]

Poor Betty Smith and her book covers 

Romance: Regency Historical Romance: A Young Lady in Love (Short stories historical romance, Victorian, Romance) ((regency romance free kindle books,clean ... romance historical, romance) Book 1) by [Reid, Emily]

I can barely even read the title...

Pam of Babylon by [Jenkins, Suzanne]

Why is there a random jar in the background?

Lolli and the Lollipop (MEDITATION ADVENTURES FOR KIDS Book 1) by [Paige, Elena]

Why exactly are kids doing meditation in the first place?

Big Bunny Bump Off (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 5) by [Daley, Kathi]

I like that the bunnies are all just chillin' by the dog like that's what they normally do.

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