Review: This Quiet Sky

April 23, 2017

If you're looking for a sad story this is the book for you...

Sarah Miller's new to the one room school house in her area, and there aren't many kids her age. Tucker O'Shay just happens to be one of the only kids older than her. Sarah's lack of math skills brings them together as Tucker tutors her upon the teacher's request. But as they become friends Sarah knows it will only be for so long because Tucker is sick with something that isn't curable.

I don't usually read much historical fiction or melancholy stories, so this was obviously out of my usually reading circle. But, I absolutely loved this book... Joanne Bischof created characters that are relatable and a story that will draw you in. Tucker and Sarah's story was amazingly beautiful and yet tragic. It shows that great love will always stay with you and impacts you deeply. This book even though it is a mere 150 pages relays a story that will change you.

You will see Sarah grown and mature into a woman that knows she is soon going to loose someone dear to her heart. And along the way, Tucker matures even more as he excepts his fate, all well trying to pursue his dreams.

I highly encourage you to read this book if you like historical fiction or a heartbreaking story about young love.

I give it...
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This story deserves applause for its relatable characters and heartfelt story, all within its 150 pages.

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