Review: Sidelined By Kendra C. Highley

April 12, 2017


"And if I don't keep playing, I'll lose the very best part of myself."

You know the saying "don't judge a book by its cover." Let's apply it to this book because if you were to just glance at the cover you would assume that it's about a cute little high school romance, but that's wrong. Sure there are some aspects of romance in this story, but that isn't the main theme or plot of this book. 

When I first started this book, I thought it would be light-hearted and cheerful, but I guess like the rest of you I'm not too good at judging books by their covers either. 

Basically, this book is about a girl named Genna, who has to find herself after an injury that ends her basketball days. Through all of this, her friends stay right by her side during the struggles she has with her life, her family, and her new addiction to painkillers. 

For some reason, I was drawn into this book, and I LOVED IT. I'm not saying that you'll love it, but I definitely did. Sure there were some cliches in the book as well as some other problems. But if you're okay with a few cliches and a happy ending I think you should totally read this book. 

I was drawn in by the struggle the Genna was going through, and how the author portrayed it. Genna's addiction was expressed in so many ways, showing just how deep the feelings of addiction can be for someone. It also showed just how hard it is to overcome those addictions and come out a better person in the end. This book was more than I expected it would be, and probably something I would read again. 

There was also this awesome quote about how Genna felt after losing basketball...
"The truth finally hits bone, leaving a mark that may never heal: my old life is burned to cinders and will never rise from the ashes. 

And in the end, when everything worked out for Genna, I'm pretty sure I was doing a happy dance like this...

 disney excited frozen elsa exciting GIF

Overall, I give it a...

Image result for amazon 4.5 stars

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