I'm Trying To Read Twilight Again, But I'm Failing Terribly

April 03, 2017


So I know we've all heard the terrible reviews about Twilight, and I guess I'm here to add another one. I read it a few years ago and I didn't think it was too bad, but now that I'm reading it again it's painful. The writing doesn't seem to flow and the characters are just unrealistic.  Just nine chapters in Bella decides she is "unconditionally and irrevocably in love" with Edward. 

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The book starts off with Bella leaving her mother to go live with her father in Forks, Washington. When she gets there her father gives her a beat up old truck and other than that basically stays out of her life. But now she's the new girl at a small school.

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Once she gets there she immediately draws the attention of Edward, who seems to hate her at first. But Bella doesn't know that the whole reason he doesn't like her is because he's a vampire and finds her smell almost irresistible.  

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Edward and Bella kind of talk, but not really, and life at Forks High School goes on. All the while Bella seems to pine away for Edward, trying to understand more about him, all the while keeping him in her sights at school. 

Edward later saves Bella from being hit by classmates car, and she seems to question how he got from one side of the parking lot to another in practically no time to save her. But because it Edward asks her not to tell anyone, she keeps it a secret. 

This weird story continues on until nine chapters in which Edward follows Bella to Port Angeles without her knowing. When she's in trouble he ends up saving her again, and she doesn't even seem to question why he is there at first.  At the end of this crazy day for her, she decides that she is without a doubt in love with Edward, even though she doesn't know him that well. 

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Bella meanwhile gains three more admirers, all of which try to ask her to a dance. But she refuses them all saying she is going out of town that day. Edward later offers to drive her, and she immediately agrees. Which in my opinion was not a wise choice on her part. Instead of going out of town they decide to go on a hike, where Edward shows off his vampire "powers."

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This was the farthest I got because I can't stand reading this book anymore. 
But you're secretly like...

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  1. Eva, I had no idea you were doing these reviews. I embarrassingly admit I devoured the Twilight books when they first came out but could never read them again without thinking they're cheesy and becoming bored. I look forward to your future book recommendations!